Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Upgrading NUnitAsp to .Net Framework 2.0

I want to use NUnitAsp with my VS 2005 Web Projects. So I added a reference to the 1.1 framework compiled version in my Test Suite project. But the NUnit GUI doesn't find my tests? The code compiles however. I suspect it may be possible to mix code from different framework versions, but perhaps I need to look at my .Net architecture books again. Anyhow, I thought perhaps mixing versions doesn't work so I proceeded to convert NUnitAsp to version 2.0. Of Course NUnitAsp has references to 1.1 libraries (NUnit.Framework for example). So I also updated these references to point to 2.0 libraries. But still my tests don't show up. I could always create a 2003 GUI Test project and test the 2005 pages, but I would really like everything together. Since it's only test cases, I don't mind the requirement of a mixed environment.

I am not giving up on this one, I really like using NUnitAsp, even if I have to run a separate GUI only test project.

Some further investigation revealed some interesting clues. Browsing the properties of my referenced libraries showed me that NUnitAsp is compiled against 1.0.3705, framework version 1.0! I don't even have that version installed! So... I guess it's not compiled against a specific framework version? How does this work. 2+ years of .Net and I don't even grasp the basics. man!

After a couple of hours of messing with the NUnitAsp files and trying to get the supplied tests working, I discovered that NUnit was not seeing my GUI tests because the test fixture class was not set to public. That is twice now that I have been burned by the new default class visibility. Visual Studio 2005 defaults new classes to private (I hope there is a way I can change this code gen setting), and I have obviously become to used to the VS 2003 defaults. In any case, I managed to get NUnitAsp working against my 2005 code, and I am happy* (*temporary condition only). I suspect that I could have used the 1.0 compiled version, and it would have also worked.

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