Thursday, March 30, 2006

Multiply Loaded .Net Assemblies

I have a .Net web application that seems to use an inordinate* (*Outrageously high) amount of server memory. So, using Process Explorer which I downloaded from SysInternals I examined the ASP.Net worker process (aspnet_wp.exe) and displayed loaded dlls and noticed most of the assemblies in my application are loaded multiple times, which probably explains the memory usage.

As usual I have no cure, just a frightening diagnosis. So I did some exploring on the Inter-Web* (*My name for the WWW) and found Shawn Farkas Blog on .Net Security and an article on how Security evidence will cause an assembly to load for each evidence set. Of course I am left confused, as my .Net security knowledge is weak.

I have also heard that thread culture settings will also cause assemblies to load multiple times, but I have not confirmed this behavior.

My quest is now to understand this behavior, and hopefully rectify it.

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